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SMSpack.in - Home >> FAQ

How do I register with SMSpack.in?
You can click on the SIGN UP NOW button on the home page of SMSpack.in or You can click here to register.

What happens after I Sign Up?
After you Sign Up a confirmation message will be sent to the Email Address which you have provided during registration along with an account activation link. You need to click on that link to activate your account.

What do I do after I Sign In?
To start sending SMS you need to first buy Credits then Create a Sender ID and then only you can start to send messages.

What are credits?
Credits are units which have to be purchased and will enable you to send messages.

Why buy credits?
Credits are necessary for sending SMS.

Cost of credits
The cost of the credit varies with the pack purchased. For more information, click here to view price chart.

How to buy credits?
Credits can be purchased in 2 ways.

1) Using Credit card
Step 1: Click on Buy credits
Step 2: select (Buy using credit card)
Step 3: select the preferred pack you would like to buy
Step 4: pay using your credit card through our secured payment gateway
Step 5: check you account status for updated credit

2) Using pre paid SMS card
Step 1: Buy the prepaid sms card from any authorized retail outlet
Step 2: Click on Buy credits
Step 3: select (Buy using prepaid card)
Step 4: enter the secret 16 digit password followed by the serial number (which is there on the reverse
             side of the prepaid card.
Step 5: check you account status for updated credit

What is a SMSpack.in’s address book?
It’s an online contact information storage tool. You can store personal contact information here with the following data: address, telephone number, e-mail address, fax number, mobile phone number etc .You could use this address book to directly send messages to desired contacts.

How to add contacts?
• Click on Add Contacts, select the desired group.
• Fill in the necessary data and add the contact.

How to add groups?
• Click Manage groups.
• Enter the new group name that you wish to create
• Click update to add the new group.

What are pre-defined groups?
Groups that cannot be modified or changed are called pre-defined group.

What is sender id?
Sender id is a Unique 10 digit Mobile number used to send a message to another Mobile device.

Why create sender id?
To send a message (s) to another Mobile device, creating a sender ID is mandatory.

How to create sender id?
Step 1: click on manage sender id
Step 2: type in your 10 digit Mobile number and submit
Step 3: an activation code is sent to the Mobile number that is set as the new sender id.
Step 4: Type in the activation code in the Smspack.in manage sender id page (activation window) and click on activate
You will now be ready to use your mobile number as the sender id for sending messages.

How many id’s can I create?
You can create as many id’s as you wish but you will be charged for every id that you create.

What is the Cost of a sender id?
Each sender id will cost you 10 credits.

What is scheduled messaging?
It is feature offered to send messages to a particular Mobile device at a predefined date and time.

What is My smspack.in account?
This is an option used to manage your login profile. You can use this module to Manage and view your:
• Purchase History
• Manage Sender ID
• Update Profile
• Change Password
• Delete My Account

What is Purchase history?
This option gives you a detailed history of all the purchases made by you at Smspack.in

How to Change password?
• Click change password.
• Type in your old password
• Type in your new password and confirm the new password
• Select submit.

How to Delete an account
• Click Delete my account
• Enter your user password
• Select submit & your account will be deleted automatically.

How to send sms?
• Step 1: Click send sms
• Step2: select a sender id
• Step3: select the desired option from the drop down menu of message to be sent to
• Step4:Enter the recipient’s Mobile number(s)
• Step5:Type in your desired message (within 160 characters)
• Step6: Select sending options: either send now or later. (Later will be treated as a scheduled message)

How many credits are deducted for sending one message?
One sms costs only one credit.

What is pending sms?
Sms that is sent but not delivered to the receiver are called pending sms.

Who can use smspack.in?

SMS in Hospitality Industry
• Notifying of hotel bookings
• Contact field personnel
• Notify and Welcome guests
• Clubs and Discoteques party notification
• Promote special discounts or offers

SMS in Wholesale and Retail Industry
• Promote special discounts or offers
• Updated price information to select target segment
• Update customers of new arrivals
• Payment reminder
• Events and activities updation to target subscribers

SMS in Shipping and Transportation Industry
• Status of parcel deliveries logistics etc
• Contacting field personnel

SMS in Financial Industry
• Banking SMS alerts,
• Stock SMS alerts and
• commodity SMS alerts and
• Forex SMS alerts,

SMS in Service Industry
• Communication with personnel in the field
• Promote special discounts or offers
• Reminder for renewals / amc’s etc

SMS in Event organizing
• Advertise
• Promote

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